Course curriculum

    1. 11-11 Portal

    2. Negative Side Effects of the 11-11 portal

    3. The Negative Side Effects of the 11_11 Portal Energetic Shift and What to Do

    4. 1111 Tarot Hypnosis to the Portal of Manifestation

    1. Are You a Satanist

    2. Burning Car, 6 Crows, 3 Dead Bodies 2-2-2020 Energy

    3. Empaths, Flipping The Script On Energy Vampires

    4. God and Satan Lives in Your Head

    5. Jay-Z and Beyonce_ Lucifer, Aquarian Age, Kundilini, Celebrity Worship Culture and Your Inner Power

    6. Jupiter, Lucifer, Baphomet, Oh My

    7. Nipsy Hussel, Connecting With Your Holy Guardian Angel

    8. Only God(dess) Can Save You Now

    9. Ouija Boards Spirits or Subconscious

    10. Spiritual Books Recommendations and Review

    11. Taurus Birthday Reading May 19, 20, 21 - The Paradigm Shift

    12. The Missing Ingredient Bull Babies Listen Up

    13. The New Age to Jesus Movement

    14. Using Lucifer's Energy Let's Talk About It

    15. Use Darkness to Find Answers

    16. When The Devil Is Busy

    17. What is Past Life Regression

    18. Surrounding yourself with winners on Earth and in Spirit.

    19. The Benefits of Meshing Spirituality 💫 With Business

    20. For Investment and Business Advice, Get Help From Your Ancestors and Spirit Guides.

    21. Improve your life by working with your Ancestors

    1. ASMR Hypnosis As Above So Below Healing

    2. Breaking Down The Psychology of "Us" the Movie

    3. Differences Between Mind Control and Hypnotherapy QA

    4. Energy Leaks and Codependency

    5. Hypnosis Tarot Reading For Healing The Collective

    6. Hypnotherapy is an Art Form

    7. Hypnotic Journey in the Garden To Boost Your Energy

    8. Pattern Interruptions breaking the cycle

    9. Protecting Your Subconscious Portal

    10. Red Flags and Boundaries in Dating

    11. Shadow Work with the Sri Yantra

    12. Spiritual Protection and Sex Trafficking

    13. The Great Mother Archetype and the Subconscious Mind

    14. Trump and Popeyes Got You Hypnotized

    15. Weak Mind Weak Immune System

    16. Get Your Mind Right

    17. What is Root Chakra Healing

    18. Waxing Gibbous Moon Creation Hypnosis Ritual

    19. Does the Conscious mind go to sleep during trance state

    20. 'Smart Work' Instead of 'Hard Work' Breaking the Paradigm

    21. Shadow Work and Healing is Essential to Your Success

    22. Matching Energy

    1. Boosting Your Magic with ESA Energy, Support, Action

    2. Fear Mongering in Magick

    3. Get Your Mind Right Before Magick

    4. Get Your Mind Right Before You Do Magic

    5. Hypnosis is Key It Takes a Spell to Break a Spell

    6. Magic and Protection in the Entertainment Industry

    7. The Magick 8 Ball Method

    8. You Need To Meditate If You Want To Be Magickal

    9. The Parallels Between Magic And Hypnosis

    1. 3 Ways To Relieve Anxiety Immediately

    2. Anxiety Could Be Blocking Your Manifestations

    3. Bune The Duke_Duchess of Infernal Regions Helps Improve Financial Stability

    4. B.E.M.A.G.I.C. Review_ How to Quickly Manifest Over $1 Million in Real Estate

    5. Breaking Free of the Savior Syndrome Especially Practitioners

    6. Can Anxiety and Depression Cause Memory Loss?

    7. Do People Really Change?

    8. Grounding For Success and Better Health

    9. Money Mantra And Ritual For Quick Cash

    10. Roses for Money and Protection Work

    11. Using the Pendulum in Your Sales and Marketing

    12. You Can Program Airwaves 5G Radio waves to Benefit You

    13. When attracting new love new experiences even new clothes we must release what is old

    14. Behavior Changes, Stretching, and The Upheaval

    15. Valentine's Day Love Fest Removing Fear to Attract Divine Love

    16. Now is the time. Get to it

    17. Nail Biting Moments - Use That Energy

    18. Make Failure Your Food

    19. What are Sigils and How to Use Them in Your Branding

    20. What does Protecting and Cloaking Your Business Mean

    21. Learn how to let go to free up space within so solutions may be revealed.

    22. Reduce Anxiety Quickly in 6 Easy Steps

    23. Hypnotic tip Take a glimpse into the future in the comfort of your bedroom.

    24. Improve your life by working with your Ancestors

    25. Pain is a pass to freedom

    1. Are You A Fraud - The Imposter Syndrome?

    2. Are You Cursed?

    3. Are You Emotionally Overwhelmed?

    4. Are Your Spending Habits Blocking Greater Rewards?

    5. Being with Yourself Part 1

    6. Being With Yourself Part 2

    7. Black Woman's Challenge

    8. Find freedom in feeling bound It means you're ready for a break through

    9. Receiving Love Because You Deserve It

    10. Saturdays Are for releasing and clearing

    11. Self Love Enchanted Mirror Spell w/ a twist

    12. Self Mutilation is More Than Skin Deep Part 1

    13. Self Mutilation is More Than Skin Deep Part 2

    14. They Love you, but They Don't LOVE YOU

    15. Your Divine Right To Be You

    16. Release Judgement. The Shift is Pulling Us to Change

    17. Let's Talk About the Power of Words

    18. Let's Talk About the Power of Words part 2

    19. The importance of being congruent

    20. Your Desire Holds Weight

    21. Do You Really Know How to Get Grounded

    22. How often do you thank yourself

    23. Getting more from your Over Soul (Highest Self)

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